Can Dr. Chappell give me a routine physical check-up? Do I have to have a referral?

Although most pulmonologists see patients only by referral from another physician, Dr. Chappell has been trained as an internist, therefore, comprehensive diagnostic work is part of his everyday practice. However, during the course of an examination, non-pulmonary problems may be identified. Dr. Chappell may treat these, arrange for evaluation by another physician, or ask your [...]

Will I still need a family doctor?

Yes. Your family physician will still manage other illnesses and often assume primary responsibility for the care of your chest problem in close cooperation with Dr. Chappell.

Does Dr. Chappell perform surgery?

No. Major surgical procedures are performed by a thoracic or chest surgeon. Dr. Chappell will, however, work closely with the surgeon and frequently supervises the total care of the patient before, during, and after the surgical procedure.

Who needs a pulmonary specialist?

Not everyone who suffers from an acute or chronic respiratory condition needs a pulmonologist; most conditions can be managed by other physicians. A pulmonologist's skills are usually necessary for patients with complex problems such as advanced emphysema, tuberculosis, severe asthma, or complicated infections of the chest. A pulmonary specialist is also frequently consulted when a [...]

What is a pulmonary specialist?

A pulmonary specialist (or pulmonologist) is an internist who has received extensive training in the treatment of patients with diseases of the lung. Primary areas of concern of a pulmonary specialist are diseases of the bronchial tubes and lungs, but often they must also evaluate the upper respiratory tract (consisting of the nose, pharynx, and [...]